August 10, 2016



Thank you for taking time to join me on this journey!

Creating a photography business is quite an adventure!  It first begins with a love of photography and a desire to communicate this love through images that share a perspective in life that speaks to one's soul.  It is followed by all sorts of business decisions, purchases, education, mistakes (learning experiences) and rewards.

What I truly love about photography is that I can immerse myself into the experience, and do no harm to the environment and its living creatures. I can happily lay in the grass photographing a tiny mushroom that has sprouted because of rain and humidity, or I can hang out on a rickety bridge on a gravel road to capture the creek that passes beneath.  Sometimes, I am even surprised by nature: a raccoon popping out of the deep grass beside me, a strange bug appearing in my frame, an elusive snake sneaking past me, or the sounds I hear when I'm out in the night photographing the auroras. It's all amazing to me! Everywhere I look, there is something to experience and share.

I am blessed to be a resident of Canada.  I live on the prairies, where there are many different ecosystems and biomes, and four distinct seasons of weather.  I hope to share all of this with you!

Thanks again for joining me! If you have any questions or positive comments, please feel free to comment below, or contact me via my Facebook page or the Contact Form on


Dwila Nixon

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