September 20, 2016




I do enjoy observing spiders, critters and insects. They are fascinating! But, honestly, I’m selective with which creatures I will actually touch. Of course, those that are dangerous deserve respect. They all do. But, when it comes to beetles and spiders, I just get a little freaked out!

In September, my friend Brenda and I were on an outing to Grasslands National Park in Saskatchewan, Canada. We decided to make a roadside stop. Harvest was well under way. Golden crops rippled in the wind. Alongside the ditch, I could hear the crickets chirping. I love the sound they make, but they are often elusive.

I’ve wanted a macro shot of a cricket for some time, and I had seen them on the shoulder of a highway prior to this experience. I began my search. Sure enough, I found one bathing in the heat of the autumn sun. The road was deserted, so camera in hand, I perched on my elbows and knees on the asphalt to get the shot.


Now, you may know that through a zoom lens, a cricket appears to be quite large. Suddenly, this monster leapt toward me! And… BOOM! I skinned my elbows saving my life. Thank goodness I got the shot!

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