August 24, 2016



It is a very rare occasion when I choose to use a flash on my camera. I love the characteristics of natural light, and I often happen upon a beautiful photo opportunity because the sun or moon has highlighted it for me. However, there are times when I intentionally seek out a specific type of light.

If I am interested in moonlight, the night sky, or the auroras, I will check online for moon phases, meteor showers, weather alerts and any other interesting natural phenomenon. And, scoping a scene is critical. One evening, I raced around to several sites, which I THOUGHT would be perfect, and missed a beautiful, full, orange rising moon because its approximation was miscalculated by yours truly.

If I am interested in photographing fast-moving creatures or detailed images of plants, I will look for bright light so that I can stop movement and capture detail with a fast shutter speed. Sometimes, I discover light diffused by foliage and this produces a lovely effect. Other times, I see reflective properties which produce a unique appearance, and I feel inspired to capture this image with my camera.

There is one type of natural light which absolutely mesmerizes me, and that is lightning. I have yet to become a storm chaser, but I can certainly see this in my future. With preparation for safety, and perhaps a companion chaser, I will capture weather’s most spectacular light!

Finally, as many bloggers and photographers note, sunrise and sunset produce a softer, warmer glow. I often seek out this type of luminescence. I’m definitely not a morning person, but when I do get up early, I am rewarded with spectacular light! If you wish to know more about the golden hour, the blue hour and twilights, the Internet offers many great articles.

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Shine on!

Dwila Nixon

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