September 8, 2016               

Prairie Landscape

Prairie Landscape

So, you’ve seen my website! That’s great! I’m so pleased to have you along. I do have a lot of stories to tell. And, if my life journey continues on the same path, we should have a lot of fun together!

Since I’ve become more serious about photography, the depth of my understanding of technology has continued to grow. I’ve joined a bunch of social media sites, bought an iPhone with huge storage capacity so that I’m never without a camera, and have ventured into the world of composites through coursework in Photoshop. I’m trying out different cameras (loving my Pentax – just sayin’!), and experimenting with different genres of photography. It’s really exciting!

As I continue to take photos, there will be new content to share with you. To see new images, you may follow me on social media, or periodically re-visit my blog on You may request information by e.mail at, or subscribe to feeds of each gallery on my website. To access FEEDS, scroll to the bottom of any gallery page and click on the feeds icon (in the SmugMug footer). Then, copy the link into your feeds reader to search for the chosen gallery. Save, and ta-da! You’ll be notified when I add new photos to a gallery.

Today’s new image (which appeared in my reader of choice: Feedly) was taken while I was fulfilling an item from my bucket list. I was on the way to do some kayaking at a secluded little lake, called Deep Lake, in Riding Mountain National Park. It was a long drive. The road was getting narrower and narrower when suddenly, the landscape opened up in front of me. Colors of green, yellow and blue were vibrant and breathtaking. The layers of foliage were stunning. How incredible! I just couldn’t believe the gift of my day. I hope you enjoy viewing the image as much as I did taking it.

Thanks again for joining me! If you have any questions or positive comments, please feel free to comment below, or contact me via my Facebook page or the Contact Form on

Have an amazing day!

Dwila Nixon

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