October 6, 2016

Autumn Hillside

Autumn Hillside

I have great ideas! Yes, I do. Sometimes they don’t go as planned.

My first ever wipe-out occurred when I was doing a practice shoot for a fellow photography student and several of her girlfriends. The sun was lovely, the grass at the Legislative Building was lush and green from heavy rain earlier in the week, and there were no bugs to make us crazy. I wore what I thought was appropriate attire: comfortable duds and flip-flops. About 2/3 of the way through the shoot, I was walking down a bit of a dip when my feet flew out from under me. I tried to control the fall with legs out in front and free hand down. I landed with a thud on my butt in the wet grass. Ouch! I think I hurt my pride. Even worse, my E.T. positioned flash snapped and began to flop its weary head. Oh dear, that was the end of that session!

Later on in the year, Saskatchewan had a beautiful, deep snowfall. I gathered up my snow gear, my tripod and camera, and headed out to a small town in the valley to find the perfect shot. I saw it. I wanted it. In the ditch, a fence post with hoarfrost perched upon its outstretched barbs awaited. With camera on tripod, I decided to slowly venture into the ditch for the shot. Poof! I sank up to my waist in snow. Double check… I’m ok? Yes. Camera’s ok? Yes. Tripod. Uh-oh. My tripod had become a bipod. Oh well. The good news is that I was able to order a new leg for my tripod. Even better, I went to pick it up and they gave me three... you know… just in case I decide to step into a 6-foot snow bank again!

Besides the odd tumble, I have also discovered some interesting plants. On my way to Pilates class one night, I spotted some beautiful red trees along Wascana Creek. I thought it would be a good idea to just step off the path for a moment to get the shot. Perfect! However, as I stepped out of the long grass, I realized I had brought a few “friends” out with me! Did you know that yoga pants are the perfect match for burr-producing plants? Did you know that thistles poke right through Sanuk shoes? Youch! I’ve discovered that it’s probably a good idea to wear hiking boots and blue jeans when going off trail!

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